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25th - 28th April 2019, Scott in Toronto and Quebec, Canada



4th - 7th July 2019, Odder, Denmark (HDKI Summer Camp with Rick Hotton and Simon Bligh)


Great Britain

9th February 2019, Scott in HDKI London

3rd March 2019, Scott in Plymouth

16th March 2019, JD Swanson and Simon Bligh, Wednesbury

15th June 2019, HDKI GB Annual Female Tournament

16th June 2019, Scott in Dudley Castle

17th - 19th August 2019, Shogai Summer Camp

28th September 2019, Scott in Exeter

29th September 2019, Scott in Birmingham

12th October 2019, HDKI GB National Championships

7th - 8th December 2019, Scott in London, UK with Kawawada Sensei, HDKI GB Christmas course



28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2019   Kangeiko, Hombu Dojo, Dublin

10th February 2019  Scott in Palmerstown, Dublin

2nd March 2019  Scott in Abbeyfeale, Ireland

30th March 2019 Open Seminar Dublin, Ireland with Guy Brodeux

19 May 2019  HDKI Ireland Open Championships

8th June 2019  Open Seminar Dublin, Ireland

7th September 2019 Open Course Dublin, Ireland with Rick Hotton

30 November 2019  Open Seminar Dublin, Ireland


The Netherlands

8th -10th March 2019, Scott in The Netherlands



23rd - 24th March 2019, Scott in Barcelona, Spain



2nd -5th  May 2019, Scott in Sweden with Rick Hotton

31st May-2 June 2019,  Scott in Osthammer, Sweden

14th - 15th December 2019  Scott in Karlskrona, Sweden, HDKI Sweden Christmas course



22nd – 24th February 2019 Winter Keiko, Sarasota, Florida with Scott Langley & Rick Hotton
12th – 14th April  2019    Scott Langley, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania



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