Karate background of Otto Bakker, Sensei of Karate school Tamashii

Judo; 1973-1976. Sensei Geelhoed.
Karate: After my start in 1977 at Felix Jannsen, first lesson of Sensei Johnny M.
Karate training under the direction of Sensei Jan Knobel SR. After Sensei Knobel quit with Felix Janssen he started dojo UMO, and we followed him.
After, unfortunately, conflicts with the KBN we left the KBN and Knobel started his own union.
From Brown belt I started assisting during lessons and from my 1st dan with teaching (1985). I have taught for 20 years on one division for UMO. In 2005 my own school started: Tamashii Karate school. Current: 6 departments and 110 members. The main part of my martial arts practice is training Karate and teaching it. I am also active in teaching self defense and resilience. Separate modules but also, for example, to sports classes in high schools. At the JKA (WJKA) of Sensei Knobel I have, for years, presided in Dan examinations. Currently I am also an examiner for the NFK.
My second profession is teaching at a secondary school.
I have followed courses and training with different sensei: Enoeda, Kase, Shirai, Wengkang, Asai, Sidoli, Sumi, Abe, Knobel, Yokota, Kagawa, Amos, Langley, Abernathy, Okamota, Ubel. I will probably forget some, my apologies. And also various courses with Sensei from other martial arts in recent years. I find following those courses a must for my broader development.
And it is extremely good to, besides being a teacher, stay a student!
I also like to train with the bo, hanbo, sai and tonfa.
A few times a year, I am asked to give a course somewhere. And each year we organize as Tamashii also a course and match weekend.
- 1st dan KBN, 24-3-1985. Zwartjes.
- 2nd dan KBN, 30-10-1988. Kallenbach.
- 3rd dan KBN, 2-5-1993. Smaal.
- 1st dan JKA number 27892. 1994-6-12. Asai.
- 2nd dan JKA number 8773. 1995-7-2. Asai
- 3rd dan JKA (diploma lost) 1999-2-5. Knobel.
- 4th dan WJKA. 50009, number 14-12-2003. Abe.
- 5th dan International Shotokan Ippon Ryu Karate-do Shihankai, number C404. 4 aug 2005.
- 6th dan WJKA 60014, number 19-4-2009. Yokota, WJKA, Knobel.
- A-license Instructor, Judge, Examiner. 28-04-2010. WJKA, Yokota, Knobel.

Resigned at the end of 2013 WJKA by Sensei Knobel and joined the Shotokan 4th platform of the KBN supervision of Sensei Dimitra Limneos. At the KBN to this date being member, but after consultation with my own people resigned anyway and now affiliated with the NFK (Dutch Federation for martial arts)
Looking forward being a part of sensei Scotts organization HDKI.