Kangeiko 2025 – Hombu Dojo Dublin

Train with us on Zoom

Each year Scott Langley hosts a week of Kangeiko in the Hombu Dojo, Dublin.

This year you will again be able to join us on Zoom to take part while we are cold in the dojo.

Each day, Monday 27th January to Sunday 2nd February 2025 at 7am UTC (Dublin time) until 8am.

There will be a warm up in the dojo - then a run (weather permitting) of about 10-15 minutes, then training in the dojo with a different Sensei each day.

To join us on zoom you can get the details by filling in your email address below.

Email address to send the details to


To whom it may concern

I have been training Shotokan karate for 28 years, I am a member of WSKF from South Africa. Although I am not a member of HDKI, I would like the opportunity to train (electronically) in the Kangeiko. I have been following your organization with interest and I am in awe your progressive approach to karate and to training in general.

Kind regards
Jaco Visagie

Joseph Ngugi Karoki

I am glad to be part of HDKI.

Joseph Ngugi Karoki

I am glad to be part of HDKI.thank you

Very happy to be part of HDKI.. growing gradually with Super Karate techniques. Thank you.

Hello I am Finland HDKI member. Work has hindered my hobby, but I finally had time to join the morning jog. ✌️ Thanks Dublin hombu dojo
Tomorrow morning again

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