Japan Trip

Japan Trip - 24/5 October - 3 November 2022

24th October   Leave for Japan

25th October   Arrive in Takamatsu, Japan

Meet Mark and push through the day, so we don’t suffer from Jet-leg. It will be a tough day, but worth it in the long run.

26th October  Temple Pilgrimage by bicycle.

27th October  Visit Mount Zou and Sake Brewery tour. Stay over night in Zentsuji Temple.

28th October  Two Sessions of Shorinji Kempo

29th October  One session of Shorinji Kempo

Visit Naoshima island.

Farewell Party

30th October  Fly to Tokyo

30th October – 2nd November

Various training and sightseeing in Tokyo. The final schedule will not be set until closer to the time, but we will be staying in traditional Japanese Ryokan (inns) – similar to Shikoku. We will train with a number of instructors, having one session per day. As well as this, we will also visit various landmarks and interesting places throughout Tokyo.

3rd November  Fly Home

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