Chief Technical Director

Scott Langley - 7th Dan

Scott is the founder and Chief Technical Director of the HDKI. He began training in the late 1970’s, firstly with Jiu Jitsu and then Shotokan Karate, and trained extensively with Kato Sadishige in the UK. After a brief visit to Japan in 1992, he returned in 1997, living and training full time in Tokyo for five years. In 2002 he graduated from the inaugural instructors’ class of the newly formed JKS, under the guidance of Asai Tetsuhiko and Kagawa Masao.

In that year, Scott relocated to Dublin, Ireland, where he set up the JKS GB & Ireland. Over the next decade the group grew, becoming the largest affiliate in the JKS and one of the largest associations in Europe.
Following the publication of Karate Stupid, his memoir of his time in Japan, Scott was forced to leave the JKS and subsequently joined the WTKO. He created the WTKO GB & Ireland and over the next three years the group grew quickly, bringing together over 100 dojos by early 2017. However, in March of that year Scott was expelled from the WTKO.

At this point, Scott felt he had no choice but to create his own group and the HDKI was born. Based on key core principles, the HDKI is founded on community, fairness and mutual respect. With the help of professionals in organisational management, safeguards have been hard-wired into the HDKI structure to produce a sustainable meritocracy. And since it’s inauguration, the HDKI has progressively grown to cover 30 countries and counting.

Scott will continue as Chief Technical Director until 2027, guiding the HDKI community for the first ten years of its history.