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Le Centre des Arts Martiaux Guy Brodeur

Guy Brodeur
Started karate in 1979 passed Shodan under the father of Canadian Karate, Masami Tsuruoka in 1982. Joined SKIF org. with Kanazawa in 1983. Won four times the National Championships from the National Karate Association (now Karate Canada) that includes all the traditional Japanese styles and won Gold and Silver at 1985 SKIF World Championships in Germany and 4th in Japan. Repassed 1st dan through 4th dan under Kanazawa then 5th, 6th and was the first 7th awarded with Karate Canada in 2010. Founded Shotokan Canada in 1995 but has been teaching since the age of 15. Canadian National Coach from 1999-2002 through 5 WKF Pan Am and World Championships. Student of the AMAZING Sensei Steve Ubl since 1998 and still is. Shotokan Canada incorporates 5 dojos with 3 in Montreal, one in Sherbrooke, one in Madeleine Island and the Honbu dojo in Saint-Hyacinthe in the Province of Quebec.