1m2 Online Seminars

We continue our Limited Space Limited Spaces Special 1m² Online Karate Seminars with Scott Langley and a special guest:

Instruction from Japan, Canada, UK & Ireland
21st & 22nd November

Saturday 21st:   Guy, Scott & Rick (Zazen Meditation) 3-5pm GMT
Sunday 22nd:    Takenoshita & Scott 11am-12.30pm GMT

Cost:                            €25 for entire weekend (approx £23 / US$30)

Continuing from the very popular 1m² Online Karate Seminars we are launching our special limited spaces seminars with high level guest international instructors.

Just because much of the western world is on lock down due to Covid-19, this doesn't mean we can't train. All you need is a 1m² area, a free account with Zoom.us and the enthusiasm to join the online training community.

At the appropriate time (indicated above) click "Join Meeting" and use the Meeting ID code and password that will be sent to you the evening before the seminar, log in and take part in the class.


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Rick Jackson Sensei 8th Dan began training in the 1960’s and lived in Japan in the 1970’s where he trained for several years at the infamous JKA Hombu Dojo in Ebisu, Tokyo. He is the founder of Fudochi Shotokan Karate where he blends traditional Shotokan Karate with concepts of Budo and Zazen meditation. During lockdown, Rick Sensei has conducted thought-provoking and inspirational guided meditation sessions. On Saturday 21st, he will conduct such a session at the end of the karate training.

Guy Brodeur Sensei 7th Dan is a professional instructor, based in Quebec, Canada. He began training in 1979 and went on to represent Canada both for the SKIF and the All-Styles team; he gained many gold medals in his long competitive career. In 1998 he met Steve Ubl Sensei, a moment that changed his karate journey. Since then, he has spent his time building his organization (Shotokan Canada/HDKI Canada), training regularly with Steve Sensei, developing his own karate and teaching internationally.

Takenoshita Shinichiro Sensei 5th Dan is a graduate of Waseda University and a student of Noguchi Shotokan. Along with Nakayama Sensei and Egami Sensei, Noguchi Sensei was a direct student of Funakoshi and developed Shotokan karate outside the control of the JKA. Takenoshita Sensei is the top student at the Noguchi Shotokan hombu, as well as a senior practitioner at the Tokyo Wado-kai. He will bring his deep and varied understanding of karate to the seminar.

Scott Langley 7th Dan is the Chief Technical Director of the HDKI. He is a graduate of the famous instructors’ course and author of the best-selling “Karate Stupid” & “Karate Clever”. He lives in Dublin, Ireland and travels the world teaching his ideas on karate.

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