The HDKI is an international community built on respect, fairness and excellence. We draw strength from our combined traditions to build a vibrant, sustainable and innovative generation of future karate-ka.


As the group continually develops we will use these values to guide the direction the group takes.

we endeavour to hold on to certain aspects of traditional karate that add value and depth to our art and enhance our connection to the past.
we endeavour to explore and investigate karate principles and organisational structure, using modern concepts to enhance all aspects of our art and community.
we endeavour to create a group which allows meritocracy to be the driving force of structural power. Respect is earnt and freely given by the membership. The group will act as a vehicle for the fulfilment of individuals’ potential, whatever that may be.
we endeavour to create a community of like-minded karate-ka who empathise with each other and work together towards a common goal. Individuals will strive to reach a consensus on issues and be part of the decision-making process.